“Yes, guitarist Kevin Breit, cellist Matt Brubeck and drummer-percussionist Jesse Stewart are decidedly tall drinks of water, and together they have cooked up a refreshing new spin on the jazz-rock-world-groove vibe.”

Josef Woodard, Jazz Times,  17 September 2011



“Although their music is built around improvisation, the path it takes and the ground it covers is individualistic and idiosyncratic.”

J.D. Considine, Globe and Mail, 6 September 2011


“The Tallboys [now Stretch Orchestra] were a truly outstanding act. Representing the annual Guelph Jazz Festival, the Tallboys were the best kind of ambassadors for jazz. The virtuosic skill of the three veteran improvisational musicians – Kevin Breit on guitar, Matt Brubeck on cello, and Jesse Stewart on drums – resulted in vibrant compositions. It was clear that the Tallboys were given over to the music as was the crowd which sat and soaked up the performance. Two standing ovations, one before, and one after the encore were the best way the audience could thank them for an amazing performance.”

Jonathon Gates, LucidMedia, 28 July 2009.